This Israeli Trauma Bandage aims at stopping hemorrhage and bandages the wounds. It is a resilient elastic wrap equipped with a sterile non-adherent pad and a durable securing device for a rapid, controlled, and extremely effective application process in the most demanding of conditions. It can be used for military or civilian purposes. This sterile bandage is packed in a tightly-sealed vacuum bag and combines ease of use, consistent performance, multi-functional capabilities that meet or exceed user expectations.

QUICK TRAUMA BANDAGE – For immediate bleeding control in medical emergencies and trauma, designed to treat every possible bleeding wound.
LARGE ELASTICITY – Natural length 2.1 meters, tensile length 4 meters, high elasticity can also be used to make rings, brackets.
EASY TO USE – Simple and fast, special buckles, no problem even with one-handed operation.
SEALED PACKAGING – Blister sterile vacuum packaging, disposable sealed bags, safe and reliable.
APPLICATION SCENARIOS – It Can be used for battle tourniquets, triangle bandages, emergency bandages, emergency blankets, sprain bandages, etc. It can also be used to engineer a sling and swath, to secure splints to an extremity or to perform in any other function requiring an elastic wrap.
Dimensions: 10*200 cm
Material: Cotton

Israeli Trauma Bandage x 1


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