How to apply an Israeli bandage?

What is an Israeli compression bandage?

To stop a hemorrhage in a simple and effective way, the use of an Israeli compression bandage can be very useful.

The Israeli compression bandage combines a non-adherent compress (pad) on an elastic bandage with a tightening pressure applicator (ring) and a closing clip (closure bar). It is also a sterile single-use product, which is also easy to handle. It can be placed with just one hand.

Steps to apply an Israeli compression bandage

Step 1: Put on the gloves and place the pad on the wound in such a way the pressure applicator (pressure ring) is offset of the side of the wound, then wrap one revolution of the bandage around of the limb.

Step 2: Twist the bandage and pass it through the pressure ring.

Step 3: Tight the bandage to apply pressure and begin wrapping in the opposite direction by covering the pressure ring.

Step 4: Once you complete the wrap, insert one side of the closure bar in 1 or 2 fabric folds to secure the wrap.

Where to find your Israeli Compression Bandage?

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