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What are the Benefits of taking an Online CPR Course?

More and more companies are requiring CPR certification for their employees, but it appears that people have less and less time these days.

Moreover, with the lockdowns, social distancing and restrictions due to sanitary crisis, it can become difficult to find a face-to face training nowadays. This can be a problem to getting things done and to obtain your CPR certification.

Fortunately, online CPR course is now available, and it is the ideal solution for busy employees who want to become CPR certified.

What are the Benefits of an Online CPR Course?

An online CPR course is perfect for people who are busy as they can take classes at their own pace with an easy and unlimited access to the course.

Here are six reasons why you should get your CPR training online.

  1. Do the course in a blended learning format
  2. Take the course at your own pace
  3. Receive an easy and unlimited access
  4. Enjoy interactive Lessons
  5. Stay up-to-date with current techniques
  6. Get a recognized certification

Do the Course in a Blended Learning Format

Online CPR courses are usually set up in a blended learning format. In the blended learning format, students complete the online portion of the course (e-Learning) at home before attending a hands-on skills session conducted by an instructor. This format allows for 75% of the course to be completed online, with the remaining 25% completed in a classroom. Therefore, students can complete the main portion of the course whenever and wherever they want.

Take the Course at your own Pace

Online training courses allow time flexibility. This means you can begin the course whenever you want. All you have to do is connect your phone or laptop to the internet and log in. Because 75% percent of the course is delivered online, you can complete the lecture portion at your own pace and convenience. Take the course in the early in the morning or evening, or whenever you have time. Do an hour a day, or whatever you can manage. 

Receive an easy and unlimited access

When you buy an online CPR course, you get unlimited access. You can return at any time to watch the videos, study the written curriculum, and take the test to refresh your memory. You can take one lesson or more at a time. You can also retake modules if you don't fully understand. This is an important feature that a face-to-face class usually cannot offer. Furthermore, you can access the course from any internet-connected device. Use your smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet to listen to the lecture.

Enjoy interactive Lessons

Online courses usually offer a friendly and interactive interface that is clearly arranged, simple, and quick to operate with video and audio descriptions, games, puzzles and quizzes. This makes it fun to learn!

Stay up-to-date with current techniques

CPR techniques are constantly evolving as new research emerges. Online courses from qualified training center are regularly updated to ensure that you are not using out-of-date CPR techniques. When significant changes are made, an email notification is usually sent to you.

Get a recognized certification

By enrolling in a qualified training center, you make sure the class you sign up for and the certificate that you will get, is nationally and/or internationally recognized.


When it comes to CPR and first aid training, many participants expect a "certificate." The real value, however, is your practice of CPR and First Aid. This is what will help you save a life if you ever have to assist a real victim.

Today, you can find a lot of First aid and CPR online training courses. However, the traditional training led by a face-to-face instructor is still the most efficient.

The ease of online training makes CPR skills available to anyone with a desire to learn. However, it is critical that you enroll in a qualified training center or organization. Many websites do not adhere to international CPR guidelines or are simply out of date, resulting in inaccurate information. Because what you learn will last a lifetime, dependability and credibility are essential.

Online CPR and First Aid courses from Bangkok First Aid

Bangkok First Aid offers a range of online CPR and First Aid courses. Those courses are internationally recognized (American Heart Association) and delivered in a blended learning format that combines online educational materials (e-Learning) with a face-to-face hands-on session. You can enroll your name in by clicking here.

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