First Aid Requirements in the Workplace in Thailand

What are the First Aid Requirements in the Workplace in Thailand?

One of the first questions managers ask when assessing their first aid needs is, 'What are the First Aid Requirements in the Workplace in Thailand?'. To answer this question, let's go directly to the point. In Thailand, employers have a legal duty to arrange for the first aid training of their staff if they become ill or suffer an injury at work.

The following regulations originate from the “The Safety, Health and Workplace Act (Act II 2011)” and the “The Labor Protection Act (B.E 2541, 1998)”. First Aid Regulations in Thailand.

First Aid Requirements in the Workplace. Duties of employers.

Employers have a duty to arrange and ensure that the workplace and the employees have safe and hygienic work conditions and workplace environments; and provide support to the performance of employees to prevent them from suffering an injury to life, body, mind, health, and health.

Employers to appoint a work safety officer

An employer shall arrange for a work safety officer, personnel, work department, or a party of individuals to engage in the safety of the workplace in accordance with ministerial first aid regulations. Work safety officers and personnel shall register with the Labour Welfare and Protection Department.

The training curriculum for safety officers shall comprise first aid in an establishment with a period of 3 hours and a demonstration and practical training on first aid with a period of 3 hours (Rule of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare on the training curriculum for Safety Officers, B.E 2549,2006).

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First Aid Regulations. Duty to arrange training.

The employer shall organize training and workshops to enable the employees to work correctly and safely. (Ministerial regulation on the prescribing of standards for administration and management of occupational safety, health, and environment, B.E 2546, 2009).

The employer shall arrange for all executives, supervisors, and employees to undergo safety, occupational health, and workplace environment training in order to be able to safely administer, manage and engage in safety, occupational health, and workplace environment-related actions.

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