2-Day Bangkok First Aid® Advanced First Aid CPR AED Course - Local Certificate


Cultivating Lifesaving Expertise: Advanced Workplace First Aid CPR AED Training Course

Our Bangkok First Aid® Advanced First Aid course is designed for companies who want to reduce the incidence of life-threatening emergencies and promote efficient responses at the workplace. Some drills will be organized in your facility to test the capacity of your safety team to respond to medical emergencies.

This Advanced First Aid CPR AED course is delivered onsite to companies in a face-to-face learning format in a classroom with our instructor(s). 

Students who complete this Advanced First Aid CPR AED training course will receive a nationally recognized Thai certificate which is valid for 2 years.

How Is Our Advanced First Aid CPR AED Course Delivered?

In the 100% face-to-face format, students take this course in a classroom with our AHA instructor. During the class, our AHA Instructor conducts video-based lessons and works with students to complete their CPR and AED skills practice and testing.

  1. Schedule a face-to-face training session with our sales coordinator.
  2. All students complete the theory and hands-on skills session in the classroom with our American Heart Association instructor.
  3. All students get their local certificate.

Course Overview: Key Details

  • Course duration: 16 hours of onsite face-to-face training (2 days) 
  • Language: English or Thai
  • Number of participants: The course can accommodate a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 60 participants.
  • Face-to-face training location: Your venue or our venue
  • Certification: Nationally recognized Thai certificate valid for 2 years

Which companies should consider enrolling in this course?

  • Ideal for higher hazard work environments such as construction or manufacturing (factories).
  • Intended for companies and organizations that must comply with national’s standards and regulations.

What Your Employees Will Learn from This Training?

  1. First Aid basics
    1. Duties, roles, and responsibilities of First Aid Rescuers.
    2. Assess the scene
    3. Phone for help
    4. Take universal precautions
    5. Primary & Secondary Survey
    6. Recovery position
    7. When and how to move a victim
    8. Protect the person’s privacy
    9. Sample First Aid Kit
  2. Medical emergencies
    1. Cardiac arrest: CPR and AED use for Adults 
    2. Cardiac arrest: CPR and AED use for Children
    3. Cardiac arrest: CPR and AED use for Infants
    4. Heart Attack
    5. Choking in an adult and child
    6. Choking in an infant
    7. Breathing Problems and asthma
    8. Allergic reactions - Epinephrine pen
    9. Fainting
    10. Diabetes and low blood sugar
    11. Stroke
    12. Seizure
  3. Injury Emergencies
    1. External bleeding - compression bandage, tourniquet, wound packing
    2. Wounds, mouth, cheek, and tooth injuries
    3. Internal bleeding
    4. Head Neck and spinal injuries - immobilization techniques and cervical collar
    5. Broken bones and sprains - splint, arm sling
    6. Burns and electrical injuries
  4. Environmental Emergencies
    1. Bites and Stings
    2. Heat-related emergencies, fever, dehydration
    3. Prickly Heat Rash
    4. Cold-related emergencies
    5. Poison emergencies
  5. First Aid CPR AED Practical Scenario Cases

Which Certification Will Your Employees and Company Receive?

Students who successfully complete this advanced first aid course will receive a Bangkok First Aid® Advanced First Aid CPR AED course certification, nationally recognized and valid for two years.



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